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Reports say that Raspberry Keytone with Rodiola does not work, I am here to say it does. My belly is almost gone and I have gone from a 14 to a 10 in less than a year. Yes I am eating healthy also but the belly fat has disappeared. I tried other company brands and Creations Garden is the one that actually worked. Have recommended it to others.

C. Wiggins
I did receive my order on time and in full. I enjoy your product very much! I have a metabolic disorder and the Carb Blocker helps me so that I can still enjoy eating some carbs!

Laura B. from Naples, FL
I received my order for LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER with Argan Oil from Morocco in full, and very quickly. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. It is the hair product I have been looking for my entire life. The littlest dab subdues my naturally bushy, frizzy hair, leaving it silky, soft and naturally curly. I love that the ingredient list sounds so healthy and wholesome and does not appear to contain any silicone-derived chemical smoothers. I have extremely sensitive eyes and almost every product on the market causes them to water, smart, and burn all day. Not this one, and for that I am eternally grateful. I've turned my hairdresser on to it and recommended that she stock her shop with this product. Thanks again for a great product and great service.

Bonita F. from Decatur, GA
I am in love with the Leave In Conditioner With Argan Oil From Morocco. It has become a staple product in my hair routine. I have done a detailed review on it on my blog! It can be found here: I am excited to try more of Creation's Garden products!

T. Marcelin
I want to say thank you for making a product that actually works for me. I'm sorry I didn't post my results sooner. But as of today, I've lost a total of 42 pounds since taking the GCX and the Raspberry Ketones. My lifestyle has changed so dramatically. Exercising, tons of water, and eating healthy is what I do everyday now. I'm at the half way mark of accomplishing my goal. I will keep you posted again.

Derek R., Pittsburgh, PA
I love the Leave-In Conditioner with Argan Oil!

Mia G., Maryland
I am using the De-Carb GCX, along with exercise and diet.I love this product. It curbs my appetite and increases my energy plus I am losing weight. Thanks for the follow up. Companies that take care of their customers are companies that will never go out of business.

Francisco C., Westville, NJ
I love your Goji Berry juice - I have not been sick since I started taking it about 9 months or so ago - amazing juice!!!

L. A. Walker, Michigan
Your product worked as advertised! My wife and I both used De-Carb for six weeks. I lost 14 lbs and my wife lost 6 lbs. We feel it made a difference in our appetites. It also tastes great and replaced our daily coffee.

Al W., Brockton, PA
Love the product [De-Carb GCX]!! I've lost 12lbs so far!

C Carter, Stockbridge GA
At my husband's suggestion, I was looking for a 'better' shampoo, conditioner, etc 'without all the chemicals'. Looked at Ulta with no satisfactory results. Went next door to Marshall's & while browsing, found several of your Argan Oil haircare products Thought they would fill the bill, but you never know until you try them WOW! Love, love, love and will be purchasing additional products. Thank you for your commitment to an organic product line.

L Epstein from Navarre, FL
I started taking the Energy & Fitness products the first week in Jan, 2013. I have lost over 30 pounds. I workout 5 to 6 days a week. It has worked wonders for me. I would recommend it to all my friends. I was 224 pounds and now I am 191 pounds. I am shooting 170 pounds by May.

Vincent C. from Ohio
I just started your product on March 4,2013 and today is March 10,2013 and I believe it is working. I have more energy and today I wore a skirt that once pinched my side but it felt comfortable. I decided to take 2 tablets a day of the Raspberry Ketone and it seems to be doing what you said it would. I need to lose 20lbs by July 2013 and now i think I can. Thanks Creation's Garden!

J. mcgrew
I discovered your product about 6 months ago while walking through our local Sam's Club. I bought your product that day and have not only lost weight (at least 20 lbs) but have kept the weight off. I have substituted this beverage for other products like diet soda and Vitamin Water and have more energy and feel great. Thank you Creations Garden!

Alan A. from Pittsburgh, PA
Before I started using your products, my face was full of acne! I am a African american female that has oily and acne prone skin with lot of acne scars. I've been using you Oatmeal scrub, Orange cleanser, clay mask and orange moisturizer and i absolutely love it! Can't wait to try some more of your products!

I've been taking the Raspberry Ketone and De-Carb GCX for 2 days, I'm 62, my blood pressure is lower and I've lost 2 lbs!

Dara R., Indianapolis, IN
I have been using your Argan Oil from Morocco Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner. OMG! I love this stuff. Best thing I have used on my hair in a long time. I am so glad I found your products. Thank you :)

Heather W. from Gilbert, AZ
'Magic Pill' if there is such a thing I found it in your Raspberry Ketone. For the most part I do the right things I eat right work out 4-5 days a week but could not get rid of those last 10 pounds. My sister introduced me to your product and the results for me were amazing. Not only did those last 10 pounds melt away but my abs flatten out as well. I have been an avid spokesperson for your products and have introduced them to family and friends. Thanks for making products that work.

A. Holley
Thank you Creations Garden! I purchased your Green Coffee Bean/Green Tea Extract (De-Carb GCX) from Sam's Club in Waldorf, MD this weekend and I love it. I will definitely purchase more of your products.

Michelle G. from Accokeek, MD
I had the flu and I was told to try Creation's Garden Natural Products. After buying a bunch of products at my local pharmacy full of chemicals that did not provide any relief, I decided to take Creation's Garden Compound Herbal Biotic, Echinacea Goldenseal capsules and Echinacea Chewable. The next day I felt so much better and was able to return to work. I now believe more than ever that natural medicine is the way to go for me and my family.

D Mognomery, LA
I do want to tell you my latest experience with De-Carb GCX! I have experienced a blood glucose reduction (138 to 100 in 4 weeks) and weight loss of almost 10 lbs.

Sharon K.
I'm so thankful for these products, the raspberry ketones and the De-Carb GCX tea. I been struggling with my weight all my life. Before I started with my diet, I had reached the point where my weight was 290 pounds. I was very so depressed and tired!! I wanted to say that I'm so grateful for this product. I have been losing weight and my energy is climbing so high that I just don't to want to stop. I feel fabulous Thank you so much! Oh!! and yes my is currently weight is 245 pounds.

Angela H. from Commerce City, CO
I would just like to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the “Metabolic Slenderizer”. Within the first two weeks I began to feel a new surge of energy and now I am beginning to notice weight loss and best of all, my stomach is beginning to shrink and tighten. I have a friend who works out in a gym who says that “Metabolic Slenderizer” really enhances his exercise program.

My prayer: Lord, please bring the naturally right people into my life each day and guide me to interact with them in the naturally right ways so that I may live my life as you intend me to. I know God intends for me to live a healthy, happy life.

J. Allen
I am so grateful to be recovering from alcoholism, sugar addiction. Severe lethargy, drug abuse, manic depression, and premenstrual syndrome: and I have recovered from wishing death on and disliking myself.

Getting started on this testimonial was difficult because I imagined reliving my old feeling would bring too much pain, but, on the contrary I feel immense joy as I write, the highest ecstasy I’ve known in my life has been reached by recovering from eight years of illness.

At first, taking the herbs according to schedule was difficult, but I experimented with pill boxes and snack baggies and a preparation system which made it almost simple I say almost simple because it’s tough to maintain any kind of personal life while working sixty hours per week an commuting two hours per day. What I did is find a system that worked which I am willing to share with anyone who asks. I recovered to better health than I have ever in my life experienced within nine months. I hardly take any herbs now, just one Bowel Cleanse, one Parasite Cleanse, and two Cand-Cell 6 each day. To supplement my diet, I take Women’s Whole Food Vitamin. That’s it.

My prayer: Lord, please bring the naturally right people into my life each day and guide me to interact with them in the naturally right ways so that I may live my life as you intend me to. I know God intends for me to live a healthy, happy life.

G. Grantham
A month or so ago much to my surprise I realized I had gained 16 unwanted pounds. This was due to an accident I had suffered early spring of this year. My first goal upon recovery was to lose this unwanted weight as soon as possible in a safe but effective manner.

My girlfriend recommended that I consult someone at Creations Garden for advice regarding the proper weight loss products. She has been taking several of your products and has experienced fantastic results.

I was advised by a Creations Garden consultant to take Metabolic Slenderizer for increasing my metabolism and weight loss I continued to use these products consistently and am pleased to report that I have obtained my goal in losing the total 16 pounds.

I would like to recommend these products to anyone. I would also suggest to men that they also take Men’s Wholefood Vitamin and Mineral Complex which I have found to give me more energy, and a sense of well being even under the constant stress and demands of my job.

Thank you again for your recommendation of these great products.

R. Meyer
This is the first time in my life I ever felt the need to share the effect that a product has had on my life.

Three months ago I was in a health food store and over heard a women’s conversation. She was explaining to another woman that she was with about how great she felt after taking after taking a vitamin called women’s UltraPlex. This caught my attention because I have taken vitamins that have been sworn to me would make a difference in my energy level and my body chemistry all the way around. As a non-believer in vitamins I listened and asked a few questions and thought I’ll try these vitamins and see for myself if there is a difference with this product since it is strictly organic.

After about two weeks of taking the Women’s Wholefood Mineral and Vitamin Complex as well as the Bowel Cleanser I noticed a change in my system. My energy level was up from taking Wholefood Mineral and Vitamin Complex and for the first time in years I have been regular from taking 1 capsule a day of Bowel Cleanser. Before Bowel CleanserI had tried Metamucil, Kaopectate, and other products that never worked.

About three weeks ago I tried a new product of yours called “Fat Metabolizer” I was told this product if taken 30 minutes before lunch and dinner would absorb some of the fat intake. After one week I lost 4 lbs. and now three weeks later I am down 7 pounds and have lost approximately 2 inches in my waistline. My energy level as increased tremendously, and at the age of 38, I feel more like thirty instead of the forty eight I was feeling.

Last week I talked to my personal trainer (a skeptic on weight loss products) into trying this product. After four days he noticed tightening in his abs which is his primary target area like most of us. He is now a believer and is recommending this product to all of his clients.

Thank you for making me a believer and a more health conscience person.

S. Smith
My wife and I have been using your product for the past ten months. During this period, we have benefited by the enhancement in the quality of our life. With your recommendations, we have successfully prospered from the use of Bowel Cleanse, Parasite Cleanse, Lympathic Cleanser, Blood Cleanser, Liver Cleanse, Anti-Inflame and the Men’s and Womens Wholefood Mineral and Vitamin Complex. We are so happy to have discovered your products.

P. Wicks
I have spent years going to doctor after doctor with the same complaint: burning in my lower abdomen, these doctors gave me test after test with no findings. It was then that I began to do my own research and came across your website and products. I called and with the help and guidance you gave me I found hope. You listened to my complaints and recommended the herbs in the Total Body Cleanse and some other products. In a few days I began to feel better that I had in years.

Thank you Creations Garden,

D. Abanese
A few years ago I was chronically fatigued to the point where I sent most of my time resting. I never exercised because I never had the energy to do so. I was very depressed because I was not able to enjoy life to its fullest.

I went to many physicians for many years and never received the help I needed. Also, I was viewed as a hypochondriac for always complaining when, in their eyes, they could see nothing wrong.

In desperation I turned to alterative medicine and sought out Herbology as a desperate measure. As a result, within months, my fatigue vanished. I felt energetic with a health I had never experienced before. I was able to exercise and even got to a point where I could run five or six miles. It took great determination and guidance from my doctor in herbal medicine to make me healthy again.

M. Reike
It was great meeting you and thanks for the all the samples, the 'Sleep now' product is very impressive very exciting about creating a marketing campaign for it.

I normally sleep real good when I am at home but when I am on the road its a little of a challenge I took two capsules on thursday night and I had a very good sleep, first time in a long time while traveling.

F Shadian

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